About the Program

Program Highlights

The Advanced Preparatory Piano Program is a result of years of observations, studies, and consultations at some of the most authoritative schools in Europe and the United States. The program follows a ten-year-long syllabus, based on the old traditions of the classical Conservatory. The level of difficulty of the repertoire increases every year, with an ample list of compositions from all major musical periods.

Admission Eligibility

Although there is no minimum age requirement, the program only accepts applicants who display a high level of pianistic abilities.
The audition process is comprised of two phases: a pre-screening video recording and a live audition.

Student Placement

Upon acceptance into the program, students are placed into a specific level depending on their proficiency. However, the ten-year-long syllabus is designed to reflect the age range from 8 to 18 years old. If qualified, students are allowed to skip one or more years by preparing for juries the repertoire required for a specific level.

Lessons, Extra-Activities, and Requirements

Each enrolled student is offered a one-hour private piano lesson weekly (30 per year). Lessons are taught by the program faculty. The program includes classes (16 per year) in theory, ear training, and musical/score analysis. A placement exam will take place on the same date as the live audition.

Selected students will take part in masterclasses and public performances such as concerts, piano competitions, etc. In addition, they will receive up to 3 lessons per year with the Frost School of Music Piano Faculty, depending on the student's standing in the program and teacher's availability.
Requirements for enrolled students:

  • Play for mid-term and final juries
  • Perform for the fall and spring recitals
  • Attend at least two piano recitals (or chamber with piano recitals)
  • Attend all Advanced Preparatory Piano Program studio classes
  • Attend at least one Piano Forum/Studio Class held by the Keyboard Department at the Frost School of Music

Out-of-town and International Students

Pre-Screening and Live Audition
Both out-of-town and international applicants are required to submit pre-screening video recordings together with the application. They are also required to physically travel to Miami to take a live entrance audition at the Frost School of Music.

International students who are required to apply for a B-2 visitor’s visa to enter the United States for the audition will have to contact the Preparatory Program in order to obtain a letter of invitation. Other situations, such as different types of visas, will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Accepted Students
Out-of-town and international students who wish to relocate to the Miami area must live with a parent or guardian and are required to enroll in a full-time academic elementary, middle, or high school. The address and the name of the school they plan to attend must be communicated to the Preparatory Program.

International students must also provide an I-20 student visa form, which will be released by the school they plan to attend. The I-20 form is a Certificate of Eligibility for Non-Immigrant (F-1) Student Status.