Little Canes Schedule


Ages 0 - 6 months

The first months are a perfect time to develop your child’s natural musical ability. This class will show parents how to support musical development while bonding with their new baby. Parents will engage in sensory activities appropriate for our youngest musicians! Classes are 30 minutes in length.

Little Canes Level I

Ages 6 - 15 months

This class provides a fun and relaxed environment for parents and children to explore music, movement, and play. Children will be exposed to a wide variety of musical styles and genres that will build a foundation for music appreciation and musicianship. We will use age-appropriate manipulatives such as drums, scarves, and rhythm instruments to experience music through movement activities and playing instruments. This class will provide a unique opportunity for parents and children to begin their musical journey together. Classes are 30 minutes in length

Little Canes Level II

Ages 15 months - 2.5 years

This class will provide an opportunity for children to explore a wide variety of musical styles such as classical, jazz, folk, children's classics, music from around the world, and contemporary genres.  Children will learn melodic and rhythmic skills through teacher-led circle songs, movement activities, and structured / free play on a wide variety of instruments.  Classes are 35 minutes in length.

Little Canes Level III

Ages 2.5 - 4 years

Building on the skills gained in Little Canes levels I and II, students will further their harmonic and rhythmic abilities through song and movement. Objectives include familiarizing students with all instrument families, and preparing them to read music. Classes are 40 minutes in length.

Little Canes Piano

Ages 4 - 5 years

Students will learn to play the keyboard. Objectives include improving our listening and ear training, learning the piano keys, staff notation, finger numbers and hand position. Short practice sessions at home with a parent and daily listening to the Spotify list are an integral part of this class. Parents/caregivers are required to attend each class with their child. Classes are 45 minutes.

Contact Information:

Diana Rush
Sr. Teacher Little Canes 
Frost School of Music Preparatory Program