“The Little Canes Music Program is an interactive music encounter for the little ones (LOs) and their parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles - whoever happens to be lucky enough to participate with the kids! The LOs are fascinated with the teachers and actively enjoy the music and activities involved. Our LO started when he was 7 months. I highly recommend the Little Canes! The music teachers are fantastic; very talented and involved with each child and make it a point to make EVERY member of the family feel welcome. We LOVE Diana Rush; she is great!”
-Maggie P.

“What a great program! My four-year-old is loving Suzuki violin and my one year old gets so excited for her music class. The teachers, Aileen and Diana, are sweet, patient, extremely talented, and wonderful with my girls. They teach the kids while maintaining a fun and engaging atmosphere. Can't wait to start our fall semester classes!”
-Cristie V.

"My daughters have loved violin classes with Aileen since day one.  She has exceptional patience, enthusiasm, devotion, and love.  Without her guidance and support my daughters would not be playing Beethoven, Bach, and Paganini at six years old!  The Prep Program has been outstanding and pivotal in helping my children develop a love for their instrument in a positive, playful, fun, and non-pressured environment.  I highly recommend Aileen and the Prep Program!"
-Alon, parent of Eve (6) and Lily (6)

“Since we moved to Miami in 2011 my two children have been part of Frost every year. I have watched them grow, inspired by the teaching, the variety of topics they have covered, the beauty of the Campus and new music school and above all the enthusiasm and passion for music of the whole Frost UM team. I cannot recommend this program enough.”
-Robert F.