Welcome to the Advanced Preparatory Piano Program

The Advanced Preparatory Piano Program is a division of the Frost School of Music Prep Program. Designed as an exclusive program for piano students who are ready for more intensive and immersive studies, this program prepares them for a career in the music world and for the best universities in the country.

The program is rigorous in the admission selection as well as in nurturing talents. It offers a comprehensive curriculum that allows students to develop technical and artistic abilities at the highest level. As such, students’ commitment is essential for their standing in the program.

Lessons are offered to elementary through high school students from September through May. Students, besides being offered regular lessons with the Program Faculty, are also expected and encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities such as recitals, competitions, masterclasses with some of the most eminent pianists of the present music panorama, and lessons with Frost School of Music Faculty of the Department of Keyboard Performance.