2021 Competition Winners

Category A

1st place: - Faith Scott (Florida)
2nd place: Clarisa Hurtado (Florida)
3rd place: Amelia Nusspaumer (Florida)
Honorable Mention: Rafaella Crudu (Florida)

Category B

1st place: Ho Ting Alexander Chan (Hong Kong)
2nd place: Zale Zhang (New York)
3rd place: Caleb Wang (Tennessee)

Category C

1st place: Colin Xie (Tennessee)
2nd place: TIE- Evan Dan (Ohio) and Sarah Wang (Tennessee)


Category D

1st place: Frazar Henry (Florida)
2nd place: Anh Nguyen (Vietnam)
3rd place: Daniel Umarov (Florida)
Honorable Mention: Uliana Koshechkina (Florida) and
Katie Wang (Tennessee)

Category E

1st place: Sammy Maddox (Texas)
2nd place: Madison Yan (Florida)
3rd place: Lilli Theisen (Florida)