2020 Competition Winners

Category A

Honorable Mention: Zion Vega

Category B

1st place: TIE - Claire Sun and Alba Li
2nd place: Michael Buquo
3rd place: Zoe Aldana
Honorable Mention: Emily Lu, Nelson Shi, Jodi Brown and Christopher Rocha

Category C

1st place: Ryan Kim 
2nd place: Andrew Gedde
3rd place: Daphne Huerta
Honorable Mention: Joshua Safont, Isabella Cirillo, Michaelangela Frazzetta and Emily Rodriguez

Category D

1st place: Frazar Henry
2nd place: Jade Vega
3rd place: Luna Zanna
Honorable Mention: Andriy Huerta and Valerie Lee

Category E

1st place: Daniela Jimenez 
2nd place: Alejandro Gallen
Honorable Mention: Gabriel Almonte and Isabella Menendez

4 Hands Category A

1st place: Emily Lu and Alex Zheng
2nd place: TIE - Michael and Matthew Buquo, and Claire Sun and Alba Li

4 Hands Category B

1st place: Zoe Aldana and Ryan Kim


Concerto Category A

1st place: Marianne Rose Scott 
Honorable Mention: Katherine Bardet

Concerto Category B

2nd place: Joshua Safont

Concerto Category C

1st place: TIE - Frazar Henry and Lindsay Yang