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Support the Frost Preparatory Program in establishing a healing community program incorporating the Yamaha Music Delights at the Frost School of Music. With your help, the Frost Preparatory Program is joining forces with Yamaha Music Delights to purchase special portable pianos with lighted keys (Yamaha EZ-220) that allow participants with neurological and physical challenges to play along with ease. This method “levels the playing field” because no musical knowledge is required. Even those with severe limitations can make music in “Any Key” mode by touching any key on the keyboard (the correct key will sound no matter which key is pressed).
The Frost Preparatory Program will provide the keyboards, the Yamaha Music Delight’s curriculum, and peer-based class environment. Dr. Megan Walsh has experience leading similar group classes overseas. Her knowledge will ensure that the Frost School of Music will have a successful program.
Debbie Skinner, Program Developer of Yamaha Music Delights, says, “Watching people discover that making music IS within their reach has been one of the greatest rewards I have experienced in my 44 years in the music industry.”
In order to establish a permanent home for this program at the Frost School of Music, we need your help. Your contribution is not just providing an opportunity for the present, but also hope for the future. For more information about Yamaha Music Delights, please visit


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